Open Source and Free Software and Games

Best Free Software
Name Type Compare To Description Operating Systems Free or Open Source
7-Zip Utility WinZip Feature-rich compression utility to zip and unzip files of nearly every file extension. Windows, Linux, Mac OS Open Source and Free
Open Office Office Productivity Microsoft Office Suite of productivity software for documents, spreadsheets, databases, and more. Windows, Linux, Mac OS Open Source and Free
VLC Media Player Utility Windows Media Player VLC is a lightweight, yet powerfull media player that can play almost anything without the need for finding codecs. Also has a good playlist feature for audio or videos. A must-have for playing video. Windows, Linux, Mac OS Open Source and Free
FileZilla Utility CuteFTP Powerfull and easy-to-use FTP solution for uploading and download files from a server. Windows, Linux, Mac OS Open Source and Free
Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus Norton Antivirus A trusted tool to keep your Windows computer safe from viruses and spyware. Updates frequently and is rated equal to competing paid products. Windows Free
Windows Live Movie Maker Video Editor Adobe Premiere Lightweight and easy-to-use movie creation and video editor already installed on Windows machines. Easily slice clips, add transitions, create DVDs, and more. Windows Free


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